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Our law firm is experienced and equipped to provide comprehensive legal services to individuals, as well as to small, middle sized, or large corporations, in particular commercial and civil law. We offer legal representation, legal advice, and also long-term contracted services for businesses or individuals who require regular legal consult, document processing, or representation.

Legal services

Legal services

Our law firm provides complex legal services in the areas outlined below. We offer drafting and examination of documentation, representation in front of the court and administrative bodies, negotiations with the counter-party, and all related legal services in these fields:

  • Commercial and corporate law
    Complex legal advice to the corporation and its co-operatives and other artificial persons (establishment, changes in the registered and authorised capital,
    in the boards of the corporation and co-operatives, liquidation, preparation and organization of the general meetings of the shareholders)
    Joint Venture Agreements
    Revision of the founder’s documentation (Articles of Association, Memorandums) regarding the new legal arrangements
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Drafting and examination of the business agreements
    Representation of clients while in negotiations with the counter-party, in court, arbitration and during the execution of proceedings
  • Civil law
    Drafting and examination of the agreements in the area of the civil law
    Representation of clients while in negotiations with the counter-party, in court, arbitration and during the execution of proceedings
    Preparation and drafting of security documents
    Co-ownership agreements Comprehensive legal help in relation to inheritance and inheritance proceedings
  • Labour law
    Provision of complex legal advice for employers and employees
    Preparation of the contracts and other documents in relation to labour-law relationships
    Representation in legal proceedings
  • Property law
    Drafting of the contracts and other documentation concerning the property, mainly transfer of the property, easements, rights for the construction.
    Preparation of the contracts and other documentation concerning the lease
    Representation in administrative proceedings in relation to property,
    mainly cadastral (the public register for property) and construction proceedings
  • Bankruptcy law
    Comprehensive legal services to the creditors and debtors (filing of the bankruptcy proposal,
    registration of the receivable, representation in bankruptcy proceedings, negotiations with bankruptcy administrator)
    Representation in a dispute regarding exclusion of specific assets from the assets essence
  • In-trust safekeeping (Escrow)
    We are able to secure your funds, for example because of the purchase price of the property, as well as the custody of contracts and other documents.

Marika Slámová

Marika Slámová studied in the Law Faculty graduating in 2007. During her studies she completed a study program in the Hague, Netherlands where she focused on international law and the law of the European Union. She passed her Bar Exams in 2011.  
Ms. Slámová started her career in one of the largest international law firms, DLA Piper, where she provided large international clients and corporations with complex legal advice, primarily in the corporate sector. She then accepted an offer from a Czech law firm where she had the opportunity to care for middle sized corporations with international and Czech participation, as well as individual clients. She went on to work for the financial group PPF, where she was responsible for international projects in South-East Asia and in the United States of America. She is as an independent attorney since 2014. She is providing legal services particularly in business and civil law, while thanks to her experience she understands clients' problems and their need for an effective and comprehensive tailored solution.

Marika Slámová
Marika Slámová


Fee for the legal services

Fee for the legal services is usually stipulated by the agreement of the parties to the contract for services. Alternatively, the attorney is entitled to the "non-contractual fee" which is stipulated by the decree of the Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll. on Remuneration of Attorneys and Compensation of Attorneys for Provision of Legal Services (The Attorney’s Tariff). In most cases, the fee for legal services is charged as contractually agreed, and depends on the complexity of, and time demanded by the case. The basic division of the contractual fees is the following:
  • Time Contractual Fee: This fee is charged in accordance with the number of hours spent on the case
  • Lump-Sum Contractual Fee: The amount of this fee is determined by the fixed fee for the provision of certain legal acts (e.g. processing of specific, standard documents) or for handling of the whole issue (e.g. the divorce process). Alternatively, it can be charged as a bonus fixed fee for a certain time period (usually for one month).